Synopsis Of Krrish 3 : Story of Krrish 3 Movie

Krishna’s father Rohit is gifted with super powers by an alien named jadoo, which can be read in the story-line from Koi Mil Gaya to Krrish. Rohit is summoned by a scientist named Dr. Arya  in Singapore to develop a machine that can see the future so that he can help people to avoid disasters. His father Rohit is presumed to be dead in an accident that happens in the laboratory at Singapore.  Krishna comes to know while his stay in Singapore that his father is being held hostage by Dr. Arya in order to misuse the super powers given to him by the alien jadoo. He fights with Dr. Arya, kills him and brings back his father to India to his grandmother.

Krishna has been in love with Priya Mehra and follows her to Singapore in order to propose her. After bringing back his father back home, Krishna marries Priya and is living a happy family life. Rohit is using his super powers to help people and Krishna is the superhero savior for the ordinary people. The Krrish 3 Poster is showing Cheetahwoman, Antman, Kaaya, Krrish, Kaal, Rhinoman & Striker. Both the father and son combine their forces to help people out and are living a happy family life.

But, the peaceful happy life that they are living is soon going to be disturbed and disrupted. Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), an evil genius is building a dark force to spread fear, death and destruction among the people of the world.  He is using the army of mutants created by himself. Kangana Ranavat plays the role of Kaya, a female mutant. Rohit and Krishna come to know about Kaal’s plans only after they had been put into action. They find themselves into big problems and troubles and problems which only they can solve together with their combined powers.

Only after they actually cross the paths of Kaal and his army do they come to know the real strength of Kaal and his army and find themselves in big trouble. Neither of them were actually prepared to meet the enemy who has more strength and power than their combined strength and power. Kaal with his destructive powers and the mutant force brings the world to the brink of disaster.  Kaal also puts Krishna and his family into big troubles and puts their strength love and bonding to test. Krrishna has to find strength from inside his soul to fight his biggest and equivalent enemy kaal.

Krrish Box Office predictions are so high as It's able to break records of Chennai Express. Also It's Song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram and Dil Tu Hi Bataa are getting heat. 

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